Treasury Line

Full Web Smart TMS
Front to Back / to Book / to Payment
Management of financial operations and associated risks

Smart TMS

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Treasury, liquidity and cash flow management.



Multi-instruments: Investments/Fundings, FX, Rates, Commodities…



Management of risks associated to financial operations.


Front to Payment

Front to Back / to Book / to Payment approach and strict separation between each fonction.



Compliance with every current regulations: EMIR, IAS / FAS…

Advanced Features

Treasury Line assets


A centralized and real-time overview of exposures.


The reduction of the number and cost of all your financial transactions.


The FX reduction of your FX and/or rate risk exposures with your counterparties.

CCIRS and curve


Full compliance with EMIR, IAS / FAS, etc. rules.


Genuine and comprehensive management and decision support tools.


An innovative, entirely secured and easy-to-use and to deploy software.

New generation TMS

The widest functional scope in a centralized, secured and compliant system

Treasury Line (also called TLine) is made for all treasury tasks and jobs; the software is designed to be a portal adaptedas well to holdings as to subsidiaries. With its unique data repository, this system is provided with an unparalleled scope of instruments and gives a real-time 360-degree vision of the group treasury.


Some screenshots of the application

SCREENInterest Scales
SCREENInterest Scales Generation

Treasury Management System (TMS)

Take a closer look into the Treasurer's jobs with Treasury Line - TLine (financial operations, associated risks, multiple instruments, cash management, bank communication...)

Multi-platforms software

A simple Internet browser is required to managed all the group transactions, representing several billons euros. The software is full Web and can be merged into any type of organization and information system.


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